One finding scared the hell out of me these days. I found this on some german mapping community (thanx to the great sc2 editor)

If you take a close look at a piece of artwork that shows a space marine, you can find some really exiting stuff. The helmet display of our lovely rine shows a bunch of figures that could be dates.


[nggallery id=14]

Let me translate this into some more obvious transcription:

02.16., 06.11.

You notice something? These are dates. Recognise the first one? This is exactly the date when Blizzard first published the Starcraft 2 Beta. Disgusting 🙂

So if you go on playing the voodoo priest, the second date should show the exact date of Starcraft 2 Release, i.e. 11th of June. You may call me your guru if this will be the official date 🙂

All in all, june could be a valid date. All of we know, Blizzard wants to release SC2 in the middle of this year, approximately in summer. This is what Blizzard’s community manager agree to.

Artwork via Blizzard
finding on

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  1. My roommate tells me that Blizzard generally ends the beta and comes out with the game within days so either way you’re right. Either way I’m happy. We’re only going to have to wait a month and a half more.

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