Today i want to present you an amusing easteregg i found in the SC2 beta. Blizzard built in a nice dancing feature for Marines and marauders.

This is my first english post here and i am hardly good in english so please don’t feel disturbed by some mistakes. The reason for me posting this here is – wow – I love SC2, I luckily got a beta key and now I love it even more.

This way I wanted to give something back to the english speaking community. Feel free to leave your comments here or share this.

Now how do you get dancing space-marines? Just get some marines or marauders in click and type /dance in your chat form. As this video was recorded from a german beta of Starcraft2, you will have to use some other commands than /tanzen :).

  • use /dance to let marines and marauders dance
  • use /cheer to let them party the hell out of them

Ghosts and reapers cannot dance though, I guess they are way too cool. I did tot try tanks or the thor by now 😉

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